We won't rest until we deliver a master that you are in love with. Please contact us to inquire about special projects, volume discounts, or just to discuss what Cauliflower Audio can do for you. Rates below are for mastering and digital delivery of one format only. Physical copies, additional formats and lacquer cutting will incur further charges.

Payment is due in full before delivery of masters.


Standard Mastering Option

Take advantage of our top-of-the-line, hand-crafted analog processors, coupled with a suite of world-renowned digital tools. You’ll hear detail and clarity from your mixes that you never thought possible.

Includes free listening/mix critique, two rounds of revisions and digital delivery. Excessive editing, de-noising, real-time load-in, and recalls for remixes may incur additional fees.

  • 1 song  $50
  • 2 songs  $80
  • 3-4 songs  $160
  • 5-6 songs  $240
  • 7-8 songs  $320
  • 9-10 songs  $400
  • 11-12 songs  $480
  • 13-14 songs  $560
  • 15-16 songs  $640
  • 17+ songs  Please contact

Budget Mastering Option

No less care is taken with our budget packages. Mastering takes place exclusively with digital tools “in-the-box” and simply speeds up the process. This option is a good choice for projects with smaller budgets, compilation master assembly, and for projects requiring remastering for vinyl when original, unmastered mixes are unavailable.

Includes all-digital processing and one round of revisions. Excessive editing, de-noising, real-time load in, and recalls for remixes may incur additional fees.

  • 1 song  $35
  • 2 songs  $50
  • 3-4 songs  $100
  • 5-6 songs  $150
  • 7-8 songs  $200
  • 9-10 songs  $250
  • 11-12 songs  $300
  • 13-14 songs  $350
  • 15-16 songs  $400
  • 17+ songs  Please contact

Lacquer Cutting

Using a fully-restored Neumann VMS-70 mastering lathe at Cleveland’s Well Made Music, we can now see your vinyl project through every step of the mastering process. When you choose us to master your next vinyl project, you’ll know that the choices we make in the studio will translate well to the vinyl medium. And even if we haven’t mastered your record, we’ll still happily cut your lacquers. We’ll even ship them directly to your U.S. pressing or plating facility if you choose.

  • 12″ Master Lacquer  $170 / side
  • 10″ Master Lacquer  $130 / side
  • 7″ Master Lacquer  $92.50 / side
  • 12″ Reference Lacquer  $70 / side
  • 10″ Reference Lacquer  $55 / side
  • 7″ Reference Lacquer  $45 / side

Please read our lacquer-cutting FAQ for information on mixing for vinyl and the importance of ordering reference lacquers. And be sure to tell your pressing plant rep we will be supplying your lacquers so you don’t get charged twice!

Mastering Add-Ons

CD Production Master (fully error tested, for replication)  +$25

CD Reference Copy (for listening only)  +$10

Add’l Format Master* (i.e. vinyl, cassette, mFiT)
1-2 songs  +$35 | 3-6 songs  +$50 | 7+ songs  +$100

Alternate Versions (i.e. instrumentals, acapellas)  +$15/song

Bounce To 1/4″ Tape and Back** (with mastering package)
1 song  +$35 | 2-6 songs  +$75 | 7-14 songs  +$125

Bounce To 1/4″ Tape and Back** (without mastering package)
1 song  +$35 | 2-6 songs  +$125 | 7-14 songs  +$175

MP3 Album (includes conversion & metadata tagging from supplied info)
1-6 songs  +$10 | 7+ songs  +$25

Digital Editing Services  +$75/hour (radio edits, de-noising, click removal, etc.)

*If your album is being released in multiple formats (i.e. vinyl, digital download, etc.) you’ll need separate masters prepared for each format. Prices does not include physical CD-R copies.

**Tape services include RMGI blank tape stock rental. Virgin tape is available upon request for an additional fee.

Please contact us for pricing on format transfers (including to/from DAT, 1/4″ tape, minidisc, cassette, from vinyl), stem mastering, and consultation services.

DISCLAIMER: All prices, specifications, options, and information are subject to change without notice.